Nigeria – Silver Biotics, How to Cure Your Staph Now

is STAPH curable ?

How to treat a resistant infection with silver
biotics nano-silver.

Silver biotics may or may not be used with an antbiotic.

DAY 1-3
Take a teaspoon 5ml of Silver Biotics in the
morning an hour before breakfast on an empty

DAY 4-30

Take a teaspoon of Silver Biotics mix into
water and drink thrice daily before breakfast,
lunch and supper.

REPEAT THIS for 6-8 weeks and confirm eradication of the infection in the lab.

Silver Biotics have 2 modes of action:

1. Killing the pathogen causing infection
2. Repair and boost of the immune system.
This is why infections treated via this method
DO NOT return.

Call 08188375728 to get your bottles


21 Comments Add yours

  1. f mansur says:

    Hi. How much is it and were can I get it in abuja, sokoto, or kaduna? I mean silver biotics


    1. We deliver to your doorstep
      Call 08188375728


  2. lax says:

    how much is a full dose, where are u in abuja


  3. abdulai K says:

    Good day, do you remember me ?

    Thanks for the fast delivery to Abuja.
    Your service is quick, reliable and best of all my infection is confirmed at the lab as NEGATIVE.

    Thank you City Drugs.


  4. D J says:

    i hope this drug works out the way it should


  5. Chibuike says:

    I have had this incurable cough for over 20yrs now. It is so chronic that it left me with a whispery voice. Could this silver biotics remedy the situation?


  6. Hadi says:

    Pls i have a small penis two inc and am in ghana how can i get the pills.this my number+2335027**where ll i get it pls .all girls has rejected me.i wnt to know how much it cost and i do experience early ejaculation can it help me pls


  7. Emmanuel says:

    how much is or sliver biotics and were can I get it in Lagos- badagry


  8. Young Trillionz says:

    Silver biotics is finally working out after spending nearly N600,000 on ‘staph’ herbs and antibiotics injection. Nice one.


  9. Akin Nelson says:

    What is the cost of your Vimax pill and can it be obtained in Ibadan or Kaduna. I’m in Kaduna at the moment.


  10. Thanks for your valuable articles.


    1. Your very welcome !


  11. kecy says:

    Pls hw can I get silver biotics? I base in abuja and I need it very soon,pls how much is it and how can I get it?


    1. ade omo ade. says:

      I av bin going thru dis staph for years .pls how much is silver biotic now.tnks


  12. Ogbeide Emarson says:

    Plz I’m In Awka Now How Can I Get Dis Silver Biotics?.


  13. hemmy says:

    How much is the silver biotic


  14. tammy says:

    Pls how much is d silver biotic and how can I get it in lagos?


  15. ella says:

    pls, how much is silver biotic and how can i get it in owerri


  16. Nwogu uchemadu says:

    Where can i get the silver biotics in Aba Abia State


  17. sopuru says:

    pls i have called the number indicated here and it was not reachable. pls I really need the silver biotics urgently.


  18. kinxon says:

    How much is gallon of colloidal silver pls? I need it, if u can send it true courier service. am in Damaturu


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