Silver biotics Nigeria

Silver biotics Nigeria

Silver Biotics, the Nigeria Staph Killer.

You’ve had that infection for 6months, she’s had that toilet infection for 3 years.

John spent N258,000 on herbs and tablets that haven’t cured his staph over the last 5 years.

Franca has Herpes, she got it from an old boyfriend. The rashes are painful and come every months and ooze water. She’s miserable.

Kayode spent a fortune since he was in university treating ‘Peptic ulcer’. He is also a heavy smoker. He is skinny and doesn’t eat well because of the ulcer.

Thompson has a growth on his private part. The doctor told him its a WART caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). He bought some medicine and creams that don’t work. And the wart is growing bigger.

Jumai is always down with Typhoid fever, always unwell. She’s always buying Ciprotab, the fake kind. She feels good for a few weeks but it always comes back.

Benny is genotype AA and always getting malaria fever. He is always on, Arthemeter, Artesunate, Paludrine, Fansidar and that sunday-sunday tablet. But still he’s gets malaria attack every month.

Seun suffers from low immunity, he’s prone to various infections and allergies and spends a lot on drugs to fight infections with little effect.

Gloria has been losing weight, she is always tired. Despite the fact she eats like a horse she’s thin as a pole.
She has de-wormed herself and used herbs but still tired, has low energy and eating with no result.
Her family thinks she has that XYZ…even though the test said negative.


They need Silver Biotics, the universal antiseptic , antimicrobial and prophylactic wonder in a bottle !!!

Experience the power of POLYVALENT SILVER IONS not just colloidal its NANO SILVER.

Kill ALL GERMS and PARASITES in your bloodstream with SILVER BIOTICS.
Live clean ! Live Healthy !! Live LONGER !!!

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