NIGERIA remove Black spots and Blemishes

BLACK SPOTS. Blemishes, acne scars, and pimple marks can be so depressing and annoying.

Get your complexion and beauty back with the award winning L-GLUTAPOWER soap.

Contains vitamin E, pawpaw extract and the magic of L-Glutathione skin lightening ingredient.

Natural and great for sensitive skins.
A bar lasts more than a month. Great value for your money !

Call City Drugs 08188375728 to order.

p>Clean Complexion

Remove black spots today

Remove black spots today


3 Comments Add yours

  1. rozeetha says:

    Hi….. Pls how du I get this soap????? Am really in need of it… Tnks….


  2. The soap is in stock
    Call us to order.


  3. Shi-thar hadji ali says:

    Pls i need the soap and the clean up cream hw much does it cost


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