Amino 2700

Everyone seems to want gain weight these days, from wives, to students to single bachelors. You want to get compliments from friends like “wetin you don dey chop” or those ” oti jeun soke” comments.

As Lady, you want to look healthy, curvy, filled-out and fresh. Guys want to increase their size, enhance their presence, and look well-fed in general when they walk into the room. Weight gain or being substantial in weight is considered a sign of prosperity in this part of the world.

Let’s face it, unless you’re a highly-paid run-way supermodel or MBGN, that lepacious look isn’t going to cut it with the locals. Will it ?

Cypron or Cyproheptadine is not a nutrient, it should be used together with a balanced high-calorie and protein diet.

Skinny people are thin because they have a Low Nitrogen Balance.
They can only gain body weight by reversing the trend and going into POSITIVE Nitrogen balance.

You need the building blocks of protein to increase your BODY MASS. Where can you get theses building blocks ?

AMINO ACIDS are the key to being in positive nitrogen balance. BRANCHED CHAIN Amino Acids are essential for your body to make more cells and hence more body tissue and protein.

AMINO 6000 is a complete formula containing all the above – a highly potent, absorbable and bio-available micronised amino acid supplement.

The molecules easily absorbed due to the micronised delivery technology employed in its manufacture.

This means less wastage, all the benefits are fully absorbed by the body and do not escape through urine or feces.

Weight gain with CYPRIGOLD is ensured.

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Cypron and Amino 3000

Cypron and Amino 3000