I need to grow bigger

I need to grow bigger

I’m 34 years old. I’ve been married 3 years now and when I started dating my wife, I knew she had a lot of ex boyfriends and a rich sexual history.

I never cared about her past or tried to find out about it. All I cared about was that I loved her and wanted to marry her.

Sex was great in the 3 months into the marriage, or at least I thought so from my perspective. I was always satisfied and I felt she was getting hit in all the right spots. This was until one night after a couple of rounds when she blurted out “I was this thing could be bigger..”

I was stunned, but after getting her to explain further, I also realised she had also been ‘faking it’ on several occaisions.

My ego is demolished, I saw your ad on the internet and decided to write in. How can you help me ?
Please !

Stop worrying, get Vimax

Stop worrying, get Vimax



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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Greg Micheal says:

    Hey, I thought it was just me going thru dis, I need to get in touch with you guys, what’s your address in Lagos ??


  2. Dani yakubu says:

    pls where can i find ur products here in portharcourt,particularly vimax and xcream.the name of the shop and street.


  3. So interesting bcse I am a need of such product


  4. So interesting and urgent pls


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