Nigerian sex facts

Nigerian sex facts

You may or may not agree with the writer of this article but the following are considered FACT,from a new study conducted on sexually active Nigerians between the ages 19-50.

1. The average size of male organ is 6.3 inches when erect. Larger sizes ranging from 7.5-9.5 inches and above is only true for 12% to 14% of the male population.

2. Contrary to popular belief, you can still find males and females who have NEVER been sexually active or ‘virgins’ above the age of 22 years in 18% of cases.

3.Most sexually active Nigerian females engage in the practice of ‘Finger Scanning’ males.

This is where a woman looks tries to extrapolate the length and size of a man’s fingers to estimate his organ size, without his knowledge. Whether this is a reliable method, remains to be seen.

4. Low libido and erectile dysfunction, commonly seen after the age of 40 in previous generations now strikes Nigerian males at an earlier age. As early as 32 years. Diet, and pressures of modern everyday living are known to contribute to this.

5. A massive 85% of sexually active Nigerians detest the use condoms during intercourse. Only 60% actually force themselves to use them and only 25% actually do use them properly

6. Nigerians commonly associate rainy season and harmattan with amorous feeling and perfect timing for being intimate.

7. 40 percent of sexually active Nigerian males above the age of 20 years have tried erectile enhancement drugs to boost their bedroom performance at least once in their life.

8. 65% of Nigerian women say they like the visual turn-on of a larger-than-average or HUGE male organ but only very few are brave enough to actually try one.

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