RIPPED FUEL from Twinlab

RIPPED FUEL from Twinlab

Oh man, Cover that up !

Oh man, Cover that up !

WHETHER you’re male or female you have to agree ..Big flabby bellies are really embarrassing !

What else ? A Flabby stomach is a good predictor for the chances of dying of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Women with excessive abdominal fat are known to be moody, depressed, have low energy and always insecure when they see fit ,young looking ladies bursting with life and full of energy around their spouses.

What about guys ?

Some of us guys don’t stop at pot belly level, some of you have MAN BOOBS as well.

This nutritional supplement raises your metabolism and energy levels, burning calories and fat in the process while giving your body a DETOX from accumulated junk you’ve cosumed over the years.

You have several healthy extracts from live giving, fat burning herbs and anti-oxidants like green tea, red, B vitamins, kidney beans, green coffee, olive leaf, Hoodia Gordonii and lots more !

Milk thistle has also been added to energise and support DETOX activities in the liver. So if you want to look trim, you want to look fresh and take years of your looks then go for RIPPED FUEL from TwinLab.

If you think a saggy stomach is a great look for you don’t touch RIPPED FUEL.

RIPPED FUEL has no mercy on FAT

Why should anyone look or feel less than fit and healthy when RIPPED FUEL is just a call away.
City Drugs 08188375728

Get fit, get trim, get HEALTHY

Get fit, get trim, get HEALTHY


3 Comments Add yours

  1. B. Okumagba says:

    City drugs, I found your ad thru health section. Ive been using Gut Cut for 3 weeks, my beer belly is nearly gone and my energy is like im 25 again. Esp. in the bedroom ! Thanks guys !


  2. Tomi Kalej says:

    lm a female footballer and I have very big breasts which isnt ideal for the game. Can this reduce the size ? Please reply.


  3. naijabizmall says:

    This is a great cool development. How do I get one ?


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