60 capsules, Contains ANABOLIC COMPLEX

60 capsules, Contains ANABOLIC COMPLEX

I love these pills

I love these pills

This is a bulletin for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, power lifters, and EVERY MAN …

– Want to go from zero muscle mass to SUPER HERO ?

– Do you need EXTRA results from all those workouts ?

– Are you after that LEAN muscular cut ?

– Do want absolutely ZERO fat in your abdominal area ?

– Do you want to boost STAMINA, LIBIDO and your ENDURANCE levels ?

– Are you UNDERWEIGHT and want to hit the GYM ?

– Are you a POWER LIFTER ?

– Do want to increase SPERM COUNT ?

– You just wanna get HUGE muscles ?

Then you need to boost your testosterone levels NOW with TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER elite series from Six Star PRO NUTRITION

*Increase your T levels in under 1week

*Maintain Peak Testosterone to cortisol ratio

* Enhance your Training Performance

To Get this great body builder and muscle boost call Pharmacity 08188375728 8.30am-5.00pm Mon-Fri

feeling good, looking great !

feeling good, looking great !

get fully pumped

get fully pumped


36 thoughts on “Nigeria BodyBuilders – BOOST YOUR TESTOSTERONE RIGHT NOW

  1. i hav tried d nmbr shown and its not going. I really need ur assistance. Please, send me ur new contacts to 08053298157. Thanks.


  2. Plz I want to know how much u sells the body building pills and the penis enlargement pills and where your shop is located so I can come and buy it myself. I don’t want home delivery because of scams. Thx


  3. i’m really interested in this pill. i’m a body builder with muscles around my body. whenever i stay away from the gym for a week, i’ll lose so much pound. please i need the details on how to get it and how much it cost. you can email me. i base in Abuja. thanks!


  4. I gained so much muscle mass in a 2 months crash programme with this booster you sent to me from Lagos. You guys are the greatest !

    Thanks Pharmacity


  5. Pls City, how do I get information about the following pills you have;
    1) Muscle – Building for average body building
    2) Libido improving pills
    3) Penis Enlargement/Elongation crea$ or pill

    NOTE: the information should Please contain
    (A) side-effect information.
    (B) price list.
    (C) how the other should be placed.


    1. HELLO ALL, just a quick reminder, we are open 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri. Please make your orders / enquiry during these times.
      DO NOT FLASH, nor make a silent call PLEASE to avoid any backlash. Our email address is open 24 hrs/day no SMS pls. We Love you All.


  6. Good evening,i need the testosterone pill to boost my low libido.where can i get the drug and how much does it cost


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