is this greed or what ?

is this greed or what ?

Read the story sent to us by BABS from Lagos:

Hello Guys,

How’s business and everything going ?

I know you are pharmacy that deal in male enhancement drugs, which I think is fine but I never considered myself a candidate for your kind of treatment. I mean I’m a pretty confident guy, upwardly mobile with a great job with great salary and bonuses.
I’m tall , handsome and with all the attention I get from the opposite sex
I’d say I’m very much a Ladies Man. I’m single and make sure I use my time for enjoyment with the ladies to the fullest.

I’m the kind of guy that gets a thank you card after a night with a cutie. I mean for real !

I do a good job in the bedroom and they really do appreciate it afterwards.
This has been the usual trend till I met this really hot and sophisticated lady at a conference in Portharcourt last month.

We spent half the time flirting, exchanging glances, and eventually I got her pin and phone numbers. We had lunch together twice and a lot of raunchy chats on BBM in the evenings that really turned me on.

I practically begged to visit her in her hotel room which was one floor above mine. But she said she wouldn’t mix business with pleasure and we can do all the do-ables at her place when we get back to Lagos.

So guys, I had to wait 2 more days till the conference was over before she gave me her address in Lagos. We fixed the show-down for Friday night.
I zoomed over to her crib in 1004, went out for Sea food, then back again to her place.

There was a power outage so it all went down in the dark. I was busy making noises like a small boy but the babe was silent like nothing was happening. After about an hour, we crashed till the next morning.

I woke up and went to her bathroom for a shower, after a while she came and stuck her head thru the door.
“What’s that ?” She said.
“What ?” I replied.
She went again “Is that your d*** ?”
Thinking she was fooling around, I just laughed it off and continued with my shower.

I got home a few hours later went to watch EPL with my boys. I still wanted some action with this hot chick so I called her line…there was no answer, I tried a few more times then it went busy ! Why was she rejecting my calls ?

After many other attempts to reach her I got a text message from her reading..“Do something about the size of your d***, it not even average. I’m at a friends place, don’t call me, I will call you later.”

I’ve not heard from her since then. I mean this ungrateful witch has shot my ego down. NO WOMAN has ever done this to me before, never.
The only thing I put this down to is the GREED of some women in this country nowadays. Or what else ?

I believe I’m well endowed and I’ve been told by some of these women, so why all this ?

Guys, you people have to help me from this kind of thing happening again. Can you offer me something to boost me up. I don’t believe I’m asking for this but I can’t afford my ego to bruised like this again.

From BABS – Opebi, Lagos.

Enough said

Enough said


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Lol! Thanks Mr Babs. Please come back and give us feedback on your Vimax results


  2. tomiwa da costa says:

    Pele Mr Babs ! I’m a victim as well.


  3. Young Bobmanuel says:

    This guy, you be woman wrappa, sorry to say. Don’t go and marry ooo.. LMAo !


  4. Yinka Praise says:


    He will set you free.


  5. Siji Ayokunle says:

    This thing also happened to me once but I’m married now.
    I want to know if my wife will become slack after childbirth ?
    She is due this month.


  6. Chike Nnoli says:

    Hmm…I can’t trust women.
    Today its too big
    Next week its too small.

    Tufia !


  7. Pa C Akintunde says:

    Take heart my child.
    I had a similar experience in Owerri in 1978.


  8. Paulinus Udojie says:

    My own at age 26 is like that of a 9 yrs old. How can Vimax help me ? Send to my inbox


  9. Malik .S says:

    Where in kaduna can one get’s this vimax.i dont want to lose my girl,just because i can’t perform well on bed.


  10. Friday Felix says:

    i need one unit of Vimax pills, how much, and how can i get it?


  11. jay j says:

    Good day.please i would like to order for vmax.this is because im not comfortable with my penis size and my stamina during samuel,26 years and i reside in choba,portharcourt.


  12. ekyno chuks says:

    actually i myself knw am facing same prob dat babz faced nd right nw i need help…if vimax ll do.d change i wouldnt mind changing to it.also d price of d product


  13. presh says:

    where in calabar can i get vimax,b4 another calabar girl get off my hook


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