The power of Whitening

The power of Whitening

Whiten your teeth at home

Whiten your teeth at home

Gosh !

You’re too shy to smile in that photo..
why ?

All that chocolate, red oil stew, tea, coffee, cigarette and lack of Brushing regularly have made your teeth yellow, brown and black over the years.

Even when you bought that special toothpaste and started brushing 3 times a day still no change.
You too scared to see a dentist ? Or you find them just too expensive ?

Why not try PLUS WHITE 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel ?

This is NOT toothpaste Plus white is a ONE STEP BLEACHING GEL, its fast, easy and enamel friendly.
Contains the same active ingredient used professionally by dentists to lift away stains.
You notice the difference right from the very first use !

DIRECTIONS you could use either a toothbrush or cotton swab to apply Plus White Gel to the surfaces of your teeth and leave it on. Now brush with regular toothpaste as normal and rinse out.

Allow 15-20 minutes for badly stained yellow teeth.

For Best Results: use twice daily for two weeks. You can also top up your whitening from time to time after you achieve your desired level.

Yellow teeth on your wedding day ?

Yellow teeth on your wedding day ?

Call Pharmacity 08188375728 to order NOW (8.30am-5.30pm)


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  1. Clemento G says:

    You ppl una done come again..whiten my teeth ? Oya tell me, how much is it ?
    Send price to my inbox.


    1. Ifeoma Chris says:

      two of my children’s first teeth was pure white after the renewed ones are that are coming
      out become pure yellow. what will i do to whiten it and prevent the younger ones. Thanks slots and God bless u.


  2. abiodun says:

    pls how much is this teeth whitening product and how can i get it urgently


  3. Eke Triumph says:

    please inbox me the price


  4. Jibola says:

    How much is the Price of this Product


  5. odede vivian says:

    please i need the price and how to get it. inbox me urgently


  6. Yahaya says:

    please how can i get it….. and how much

    is it? need ur respond


  7. olude oluwatoyin says:

    Please how much is it and how can I get it in Abuja? Thanks.


  8. Sammy says:

    Pls how much is d price and how to get it urgently… Inbox me


  9. Gordon says:

    How can I get it and how much?


  10. Toyin says:

    Inbox me the price please. Thanks.


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