boost your male hormone

boost your male hormone

1. Lose Weight

If you’re overweight, shedding the excess pounds
may increase your testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 2012 meeting. Overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone levels to begin with, so this is an important trick to increase your body’s testosterone production when you need it most.

If you are serious about losing weight, you have got to strictly limit the amount of processed sugar in your diet, as evidence is mounting that excess sugar, and fructose in particular, is the primary driving factor in the obesity epidemic.

2. High-Intensity Exercise like Peak Fitness

(Especially Combined with Intermittent
Both intermittent fasting and short intense exercise have been shown to boost testosterone. That’s unlike aerobics or prolonged moderate
exercise, which have shown to have negative or no effect on testosterone levels.

Intermittent fasting boosts testosterone by increasing the expression of satiety hormones
including insulin, leptin, adiponectin, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), colecystokinin (CKK) and melanocortins, all of which are known to potentiate healthy testosterone actions, increase libido and prevent age-related testosterone decline.

3. Consume Plenty of Zinc

The mineral zinc is important for testosterone production, and supplementing your diet for as
little as six weeks has been shown to cause a marked improvement in testosterone among men with low levels.

Likewise, research has shown
that restricting dietary sources of zinc leads to a significant decrease in testosterone, while zinc supplementation increases it — and even protects men from exercised-induced reductions in testosterone levels.

4. Strength Training
In addition to Peak Fitness, strength training is also known to boost testosterone levels, provided you are doing so intensely enough.
When strength training to boost testosterone, you’ll want to increase the weight and lower your number of reps, and then focus on exercises that
work a large number of muscles, such as dead lifts or squats.

You can “turbo-charge” your weight training by going slower. By slowing down your movement, you’re actually turning it into a high-intensity exercise. Super Slow movement allows your
muscle, at the microscopic level, to access the maximum number of cross-bridges between the protein filaments that produce movement in the

5. Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D, a steroid hormone, is essential for the healthy development of the nucleus of the sperm cell, and helps maintain semen quality and sperm count. Vitamin D also increases levels of testosterone, which may boost libido.

In one study, overweight men who were given vitamin D supplements had a significant increase in testosterone levels after one year.

Vitamin D deficiency is currently at epidemic proportions in the United States and many other regions around the world, largely because people
do not spend enough time in the sun to facilitate this important process of vitamin D production.

6. Reduce Stress
When you’re under a lot of stress, your body releases high levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

This hormone actually blocks the effects of testosterone, presumably because, from a biological standpoint, testosterone-associated behaviors (mating, competing, aggression) may
have lowered your chances of survival in an emergency (hence, the “fight or flight” response is dominant, courtesy of cortisol).

In the modern world, chronic stress, and subsequently elevated levels of cortisol, could mean that testosterone’s effects are blocked in the long term, which is what you want to avoid.

7. Limit or Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet

Testosterone levels decrease after you eat sugar, which is likely because the sugar leads to a high insulin level, another factor leading to low

Why we eat this much sugar is not difficult to
understand — it tastes good, and it gives us pleasure by triggering an innate process in your brain via dopamine and opioid signals.

What it is doing to us on both a physical and emotional level is another story entirely, and most people stand to reap major improvements in their
health by cutting back on, or eliminating, sugar altogether from their diets.

Remember foods that contain added sugar and fructose, as well as
grains like bread and pasta, should all be limited.

8. Eat Healthy Fats
By healthy, this means not only mon- and polyunsaturated fats, like that found in avocadoes and nuts, but also saturated, as these are essential for building testosterone. Research shows that a diet with less than 40 percent of
energy as fat (and that mainly from animal sources, i.e. saturated) lead to a decrease in testosterone levels.

9. Boost Your Intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Research suggests that BCAAs result in higher testosterone levels, particularly when taken along with resistance training. While BCAAs are available in supplement form, you’ll find the
highest concentrations of BCAAs like leucine in dairy products – especially quality cheeses and whey protein.

10. Use a good Testosterone Boosting Supplement.

Although the above are very healthy and important, you could also save yourself some hassle. Use a good supplement like. MUSCLETECH SIX STAR TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER.

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Build and boost your muscle

Build and boost your muscle


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