Spanish Fly Reloaded

Spanish Fly Reloaded

Attention married couples: Spanish Fly liquid drops, new and improved formula is back !

You only need a few drops in your drink or her drink.

Boost your libido and hers with this new LIQUID SPANISH FLY from Doc Johnson.

– Heighten heavenly feeling

– Multiply intensity of climax

– Increase blood flow and sensitivity

– Increase the frequency of intimate activity

NB: This supplement will make a woman beg for it. It is not to be abused as a ‘date rape’ drug. For responsible use between married couples only

Call Pharmacity – 08188375728 to order Now.OPENING HOURS 8AM – 5PM


9 thoughts on “SPANISH FLY RELOADED – Yes, Its Back !

  1. Yeah Spanish fly is a legend.
    Great for getting her in the mood. Even Bill Cosby has a great joke about the effects of this afrodisiac.


  2. My wife and i need this we have been searching for it,how can we get it please,location Ikeja lagos Please Admin how much is it and where can i get it also i need some of your drugs as well …


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