pharmacity Nigeria, we cure stomach ulcers forever !
A peptic ulcer can rob you of your health, vitality, enjoyment and money


Hello and good day,

I got your contact from a friend in Aba. I’m told your organisation have a permanent solution to the stomach ulcer I have been treating for over 8 years now.

My friends brother also used you product recently to cure his ulcer several months ago and the problem has not returned since then.

I’ve had this ulcer many years, its very painful in the morning before I have my first meal of the day. When I get hungry later on in the day the pain comes back.

I can’t eat peppery foods, spices drink coffee and certain fried or smoked foods like suya. In fact I’m very thin despite the fact I’ve tried hard to put on some weight. I believe if this ulcer is cured I might be able to fatten up.

Please help me, as this ulcer has taken over my life and finances because of the numerous drugs I need to buy which DO NOT actually cure but help manage it.

Please help, this ulcer is robbing me enjoyment and health in my life.




Hello Rita,

The name of the product is called Silver Biotics a brand of polyvalent silver solution made in the USA.

Rita , peptic ulcer is not just an energy sapping, money draining and painful condition, it could also be life threatening. When a chronic and severe ulcer becomes perforated, it is a surgical emergency.

Your doctor can prescribe several medicines to help in the management of your peptic ulcer. Drugs that can reduce the secretion or neutralise the prescence of hydrochloric acid.

Bleeding Peptic ulcer, Can be life threatening and require emergency surgery.


Such drugs can reduce the symptoms but are not a cure.

Peptic ulcers that do not heal are infected with a bacteria. Once you kill that bacteria in the ulcer, your body’s natural healing process takes over and closes up the ulcer.

The bacteria in peptic ulcers is H pylori. If you kill H pylori, your ulcer will heal – for good.

You must however make sure you do not go back to what caused your ulcer in the first place eg. Stress, fasting, cigarettes, alcohol, excessive use of pain killers, excessive fasting etc.

Silver biotics is known to kill H pylori and host of other pathogenic organism.

Many Nigerians have used this to CURE their ulcers, not just reduce symptoms, we mean stop the ulcer forever.

Please make your order by calling us Pharmacity on 08188375728 business hours Mon-Fri.

Kind Regards,




13 Comments Add yours

  1. christian ebuka says:

    how can I get ur real no pls I want to no the price of dos drugs pls



  2. donzzykid says:

    I want to purchase Clear Zone Acne to permanently remove pimples I tried Calling ur number but im not time conscious. I know your phone lines close before 5pm


  3. Young Tanumo says:

    I can testify as a research scientist, Silver Biotics is one of the most powerful inventions known in the healthcare industry.


  4. Haliru J Tofa says:

    Well done Pharmacity, The silver biotics works exactly how you described it !
    I’m now ulcer free !
    More blessings to you.


  5. floraqueenet obiahuba says:

    Please how much is the silver biotic, and what is the time range of expecting to see results.


    1. You can kill a moderate ulcer with silver biotics in 7 days severe ulcers may take a few weeks. Please call 08188375728 for more info


  6. wale adewale says:

    Please can peptic ulcer cause bad breadth?????


  7. Kiki says:

    Good day sir/ma.
    I have been treating stomach Ulcer for 3 years with Omeprazole till now still no good result. I pray and ask God take it a way but is still just there . Most time it affect me alot at my work place. Most time I don’t even go to work . Am having serious back pains this day. Please I want to purchase this sliver Biotic . How much is it ? Thanks


    1. KIKI
      Use futurebiotics silver to heal your ulcer permanently.
      Make your order and view the product at


      1. Kiki says:

        Please how goes it tell for me to get it after payment ?


      2. visit to read about our delivery nationwide


  8. Kiki says:

    Hello . Good day,
    I now have my medication . Futurebiotics silver.
    Please can an Ucler dirnk milk ?


    1. you can drik milk but dont drink any milk while taking Silverbiotics


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