MACA : THE ROOT OF the Matter


maca nigeria
Do you just wanna buy Maca or do you want RESULTS ?

You can buy all kinds of pills from about 950 online retailers in Nigeria for butt and hip enlargement.

Just google them, they are there.

But do you just want to buy Maca or do you want RESULTS ?

Maca with results
Maca with results

Did you know you are unique and your body will only respond to a correct dose of Maca ?

Yes, depending on how tall/short or fat/thin you are, your body requires the right dosage of Maca at the right time.

Its not just about getting Maca,

Its about getting results !

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nigeria hip and bum enlargement pills by Pharmacity

Get results, call 08188375728 to order


56 thoughts on “MACA : THE ROOT OF the Matter

  1. Hi Pharmacity, please my breast is so flat and saggy too, pls can maca capsule root increase the size of my breast too.
    thanks Mrs. Gloria A


  2. Hello guys I saw one seller selling Maca for N7000 on jiji I decided to pay but I’ve not heard from the seller for the last 2 weeks..what do I do now ?


  3. hey Lola,

    Tnks to u guys for a job well done after viewing the comments. Kindly inbox me with the price and payment details of the hips and ass enhancement product(maca). i ll appreciate it lola.



      1. Hello pls ibadan, how can i get d MACA root for hip and butt enhancement, via email pls On 7 Sep 2016 10:33 a.m., “CITY DRUGS NIGERIAs HEALTH PAGE” wrote:

        > citydrugsnigeria commented: “Use Ultima breast growth and firming cream” >


  4. Good day, my complain- I have excess fat in my arms,thighs,legs,face,stomach,back,neck and of course the worst of
    them all is my tuberous &pendulous breasts it’s heavy gives me backache, can’t run or jog, can’t get clothes that fit properly and i
    have a very tiny butt which makes me sad because of my shape&every now&then my breast keeps on increasing pls is it possible for me to get a better shape i.e small breasts,big butt&wide hips then slim up a
    bit in my thighs&others, pls what creams would i need for my butt i just stumbled on your site now&saw the BBC Cream, are there any side effects? &is it possible for my body 2 transform the way i want it&am i going to use both pills (maca root), & BBC (Big Bad Curves) & how fast would i see results&how much is it i’ve been in need of a solution i hope this would work for me i’m 19 yrs hope there’ll be no regrets pls help me tell me all what i need to know pls


  5. Pls inbox me ur acct details, which one do u recommend for me? Maca root, or BBC pls I really need the one that has no side effects pls olamide.


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