Report by Shalewa

NIGERIANS love for all things big have never been in doubt.

Total curves botcho, yodi pills are all a testament to the fact that even our young Nigerian ladies want to claim ownership to big things… i mean BIG.

The cosmetic industry especially the foreign based, have been making a killing flogging their products on the Ngerian market and ar still making lucrative profit.

But can we ask;

  • How many of these products actually work ?
  • How many of these products are SAFE ?
  • How many of them will not give you a future MEDICAL PROBLEMS in future ?

Pharmacity asked me and my friends in Lagos and Portharcourt these questions before embarking on bringing in their latest product BIG BAD CURVES B.B.C HIP AND BOOTY CREAM.

They needed some lab rats to test the cream on and most of us (including myself)


However Rita and Morenike volunteered their bodies to have the a trial of the cream. They got 2 jars each.

Im now pleased to say we have RESULTS from one of the girls. Rita has disappeared with the cream but we hope she will come out and share her results.

MORENIKE on the other hand, was so cooperative with the Pharmacity people and was DELIGHTED to share her before and after photos with all of us.

MORENIKE also noted; <b> “The BBC Cream will actually work on any fleshy part of the body. I used some on my thighs laps, and the back of my legs and even a little on my bust too..the result is simply amazing ! ” </b>

When I asked Pharmacity about the effects o BBC Cream , they told me most of The ingredients..fennel seed, licorice, wild yam, fenugreek, dong Quai etc have ANABOLIC effects on human tissues. They also added that there is nothing unusual about the ingredients of BBC cream except that it is blended and combined with a secret proprietary ingredient.

Anyway, enough of the technical talking . Let’s get to the koko..



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