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ULTIMA Breast Growth Formula - Firming and Growth Cream
ULTIMA Breast Growth Formula – Firming and Growth Cream



CHIKODI’s Report

Hello readers

I’m a student of UNI ABUJA and you may be wondering why I’m sharing my personal story and intimate pictures

Well, I am doing this because
1. City drugs have given me full permission along with a 80% discount on my next 5 orders from them.

2. They (city drugs) gave me a cash sum to publish my pictures on their blog.

3. I’m never shy about telling the truth good or bad about anything or anyone. You girls out there should know the truth.

First of all, I will start with


I called the sales line on 08188375728 and a rather serious sounding man answered. Not too friendly voice but I went ahead. In the end I collected the payment bank details and made a payment. They confirmed my transfer in about 15 mins afterwards.

And I sent my home address (Abuja). I was told to expect it by noon the following day.


I had to call them after 12pm the next day to tell them I haven’t seen my order. The same voice as before sounding bored with my call told me to hold on they sent it yesterday. And not to panic.

After I dropped the call like magic my gate shouted my name saying there’s a FedEx delivery bike at the gate and they want my signature.

Wow ! I was impressed with that. So genuine online biz still thrives in Nigeria. That’s good!


Okay so I opened the private FedEx package and saw the white and pink ULTIMA cream jar. I opened it also, the stuff was kind of oily and it looked very HERBAL with a fruity smell like strawberry sweets.


As for instructions, it really didn’t say much but I remember I was told to call for further clarification , so i did .

This time the guy was alot friendlier than previously. He said apply twice daily after bathing and before bed. Very cool and easy, I thought .


Not much on the first two days but on the third day I started feeling a tingling sensation on my breast.

Day 5

Woke up with heavy feeling on my chest and rushed to the mirror to check. I saw some development around the centre part of both boobs. I quickly took my bath and applied more cream in circular movement on my breasts and went out to class.

I was really excited during lectures cause I just kept feeling unusual sensations under my bra the whole day. That’s a good sign I believed that the cream was doing its Job.

Day 8

Over a week now and my boo is asking me what is happening to my chest. That it looks bigger and softer…Of course he can never know my secret.

I call Pharmacity again as they instructed to give them a feedback, they said just continue.

Day 11

Mumsie is now staring at my breast and also my younger brother. I don’t want any stress so I wear loose fitting tops in the house.

I lock myself in the room and strip and GOSH ! I almost faint from surprise.

My hand cannot hold one breast anymore. I was able to do that a month ago. TBH I have small hands but this is a clear sign the ultima is working.

Day 20

About 3 weeks into ULTIMA and I’m now doing ambassador for free for City drugs . 8 of my friends in school make orders for ULTIMA because the tiny boobs girl is now grown a beautiful bust line. City drugs refuse to give me any commission for my referral…not fair

Day 24

The cream is almost gone. I’m sooo Happpppyyyyy !

I have a little ache in my back from the weight in front but they said my body will adjust to the new size in about 2 weeks.

Lemme show you the PROOF of what I’m talking about. Photos below..


breast cream, health and beauty Nigeria,
BONUS Pic My new boobs without bra !




98 thoughts on “MY ULTIMA BREAST GROWTH EXPERIENCE with City Drugs

  1. its good to re sell a product that works to customers. LOLA pls reserve another 8 Ultima for me i will pay into your account on monday. Cheers


  2. I didnt have tiny boobs but it wasnt big or firm enough. Im happy used the Ultima cream. The change in my bust is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Lola.


  3. Too scared to complete the Ultima treatment.
    The rate of growth is too fast and just not helping matters at all.
    I don’t want to end up looking like a porn star


  4. I Never believed this cream or any cream in the world would ever work for me but the Ultimate did . All the China creams I bought over the years never had effect. Thanks Lola my regards to olumide too.


  5. Please send your bank account details to my email. I have seen colleague use your cream with nice result. Let me make my order today. Waiting for it.


  6. Chikodi Hannah and the rest I feel you all. My babe too also made me to buy her the Ultima stuff and now she is SET and looking dope. I’m so proud of her.


  7. I’ve confirmed it.
    If Olumide is directly responsible for Ultima
    And ultima is magical in function
    Then Olumide is magical
    That makes him a Wizard
    Then he’s wizard
    Because you can’t find ultima in any other pharmacy
    Or company
    That means Olumide formulated Ultima thru magickal wizardry
    Well done wizard Olumide…..hahahaha !


  8. please how much does BBCt cos?i want to get soy isoy rich the small one, please reply to that i cand make the payment online. best regards.


  9. I got my ultima delivered to me in Onitsha on Friday…thanks so much.
    Can I pay into the same account for the big bad curves cream ?


  10. Please I need the ultima cream but your number has been barred and you are not replying to my emails. I would like to order tonorrow. Thanks.


  11. Your product grew me a C Cup from a small B.
    I’ve used a lot of pills and creams but Ultima is the
    Only one that worked. I want to try the BBC too
    Please send the price to my inbox.

    Best regards.


  12. Thanks
    I got everything you promised from your service
    and your ultima product. Your delivery to Abeokuta
    was also really quick.
    I’ve already given your website contact to a lot of ladies
    who need your stuff.


  13. Congrats Olumide on your products and your business…I used Ultima breast cream earlier this year and it grew my breast so firm and large but my friend has big sagging breast and she needs a reduction do you have a pill for that ? She doesn’t want a lotion just pills. She is also in Owerri like me.


  14. i need this and also need the one to add butt nd get a lil curvier.even if its adding a lil in apo abuja ..inbox me on my email pls


  15. Happy new year PHARMACITY and oga Olumide
    Your Ultima and BBC were good on my customers …looking forward to doing more business with you in 2017.


  16. Good morning I want another bottle of bbc. Curve cream
    I’ve already transferred N13,800 to your account and sent my Edo state address to your email.


  17. Hi City drugs
    I just want to wish all of you a blessed 2017
    Thanks for everything you have really helped me a lot in 2016
    God bless you all.


  18. am already big breasted oooh all I need is something to make it very firm,I also need BBC ,I live in lokoja in kogi state let me know how much


  19. I am so impressed with the results I am hearing about ultima, I am not flat chested though but I am not still having that big boobs, I just ordered mine can’t wait to receive it and start using it afterwards I am ordering for meca root to have big booty….can’t wait


  20. Hello,jst stumbled on this.its a Sunday so I dnt knw if I shld call.pls I need d bbc cream. Pls send d price,i live in PH,thanks


    1. Hi, I live in phc, I just stumbled on this page n I’m super interested, I just have one kid for now n my boobs has wrinkled n sagged a bit is this product for me? And I need to grow hips n big ass cus I don’t know where I was when fig8 was being shared, id love to know d price for both and pls do u have for tummy reduction?


  21. Please i need the ultima for breast growth n firmrness. I stay in Enugu how much would it cost me i hope u see my mail by tomorrow qnd i get a reply thanks


  22. Hello Lola, ultima breast growth do firm n enlarge but my breast size big so I only need something for just firming my question is should I still use d ultima cream or do you have another product 4 firming without enlargening d breast size pls!!!!! Pls!!!!! Reply cuz I really want 2 make order…..


  23. Pls can u send me. Ur office address in lagos into my account….how much is bbc. And ultima cream..(I hv small breast)nd a slim body


  24. cool remarks..M calling to order on monday..inbox me ya details,hope transfers r cool? how many cups will I need to get permanent firming?


  25. cool remarks..M calling to order on monday..inbox me ya details,hope transfers r cool? how many cups will I need to get permanent firming? M in lagos, along badagry xpressway much z it for the ultima? inbox privately..


  26. Hello citydrugsnigeria, I am interested in getting the ultima cream for my wife. I’m making a compulsory and urgent order. Please do send me procedures to order with costs. Awaiting ur undelayed response


  27. Please I need this ultima how much will it cost I live in maiduguri borno state. Is transfer allow? If yes, please send your account details for me.


  28. Please I need ultima breast cream,please I hope it won’t affect in the future as regards breast feeding,please inbox me the price ,I stay in ikotun Lagos,thank you


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